Paper overview

Hypershot, a feature for smartphone camera interfaces that allows users to capture precise and high resolution hyperlapse videos by utilizing traditional photo taking methods aided by computational techniques. Hypershot assists the user in saving a reference image and lining up the shot to a designated point every time by employing an edge based template model algorithm and coordinate location matching.

paper assignment

For my User Interface Technology class, I was tasked to write a design specification detailing the user's experience for a specific application of an interface idea and how it would be implemented with technical details.


Computational Photography

Computer Vision

Phone Camera Interfaces

Hyperlapse Videos


Feb - Mar 2020
6 weeks



Lots of research!

about the paper

Topic and Research

I was personally interested in exploring smartphone camera user interfaces and how we can apply computational photography techniques to give mobile photographers more control over the process of capturing and processing their images.

I've read extensively about high-dynamic-range imaging, focus stacking, image segmentation, super resolution, dual pixel autofocus, image stabilization, object detection/tracking, and so much more.

This was paper was a fun exploration into computational photography and computer vision and I plan to continue learning about how it can help us perceive and create in new ways!

Professor Feedback

“This was an exceptionally clear design specification, thank you for the excellent attention to detail, the brevity, and the visual clarity. I could easily use this to engineer this feature, knowing exactly what the interaction design demands.”

Amy J. Ko
Professor at the University of Washington, Information School and CSE School

The Paper

Break Down

Introduction — Exploring the design opportunity

Design Concept — The user interface and interactions

Technical Implementation — The algorithms and computational processes

Limitations — Identifying the design limitations



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