Custom logo designs for up and coming electronic music DJs/artists.

Getting to know JSTN -

Justin is known for his Soundcloud mix series "songs to make an ABG cry", which incites his listeners to get in their feelings and moves them to tears through a combination of melodic edm and throwback songs. He has started playing live shows all over California, supporting DJs such as Yetep, Vanic, and ARMNHMR. He has also played at events such as Soulstice and Brownies & Lemonade.
Check out his Soundcloud below!

Design Development -

To match his melodic and nostalgic music style, I proposed a script style logo opposed to a geometric sans-serif style, typically found in many present-day dj logos. Being a short 4 letter name, I thought it would be unique to stack the letters and have the S cross the T to connect the whole logo. I also opted to hand draw the letters rather than use a script typeface. The result is a stylish and distinct logo that sets Justin apart from other djs in the scene.