Cover art designed for electronic music producer, tofû's single Self Control.

Getting to know tofû and the project -

Tofû is known for his signature kawaii look and his feel-good electronic sound. After releasing many remixes and a few originals, he debuted his first album and pre-released 3 singles on the album. Upon looking for new artists to bring their own style to his established brand image, I was given the opportunity to design the cover art for one of the singles, Self Control.

Design Development -

In planning discussions, tofû proposed incorporating a guitar with kawaii animals/food and a girl to depict the acoustic guitar sound and the female singer in the song. I suggested making the guitar the focal point rather than including 2 main elements (girl and guitar) to keep the design simple but on brand. The final concept is an enchanted guitar playing music with cute animals gathered around to listen. My illustration was made using a white outline style with a single color background to emphasize the whimsical, elegant look and feel of the song. The graphic is finished off with an outline style title in his standard font to match the rest of the art.