Setting up Gather for paid growth

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A growth initiative to launch pricing changes and motivate Space Admin to upgrade their space and manage their subscriptions.


Responsible for designing the feature end-to-end and writing notification and email copy.



Sep 2022 - Oct 2022
Launched in October

Focus on Gather for work

Gather’s mission is to create opportunity and connection for people, no matter where they are. The product aims to serve many use cases across events, education, social, and remote work.

However, remote work presents the largest opportunity for sustainable growth while events and other use cases haven't been as strong post-covid.

Prioritizing paid Virtual Offices

Gather aims to shift their main revenue source from one-time events to recurring virtual office subscriptions.

To set up Gather for steady paid growth, we need to capture lost revenue, convert free offices, and offer better support to paid office spaces to keep up retention.

Motivating office spaces to upgrade

Be aware of space capacity usage

Space Admin can view their plan type and space's capacity utilization while in the space in the Grapes menu.

Get notified when space is full

Receive real time in-app notifications when your space has hit capacity with a clear pathway to upgrade.

Space active with 25 users?
Upgrade to a subscription

Space Admins can view their space capacity utilization while in the space and are notified when their space is over capacity.

Space Admin can then upgrade their space easily with a click.

Space full and users can't join?
Get notified and increase capacity

Space Admins receive real-time notifications when their space becomes full or when a user is prevented from joining the space.

Space Admin can quickly assess the situation and manage their space's capacity with a few clicks.


Overly generous with our pricing and user limits

Gather applied a +50% user buffer to free and paid office user limits

For example, Gather’s published limit for a free space was 25 users, but we allowed up to 37 users before requiring a paid subscription.

Initially these caps and buffers were in place to encourage growth and get more users into a space to experience the value of Gather.

However, this has led to a collective in lost revenue for Gather as office spaces were operating within the buffers rather than upgrading their space to accommodate more users.

Lowering user caps
and buffers

In order to capture lost revenue and convert free offices that should be paid offices based on user numbers, we updated our current user caps and buffers.

Phase 1

Reduce the buffer for paid offices from 50% to 10%

A space with 30 users will have a buffer of 3 users rather than 15.

Reduce the buffer for free offices to 0%

No users allowed beyond the current 25 free tier user limit.

Phase 2

Lower the user capacity for free offices

Reduce the user cap for free offices from 25 down to 15 users.

Communicating changes to customers

To maintain the trust of our customers and prevent office churn, we aim to transparently communicate changes to our caps and buffers and proactively notify offices when in the buffer and/or hitting a cap.


Space capacity indicator


Real–time app notifications


Email communication

Design proposal

Space capacity indicator

Statuses for each plan

Provide Space Admins a persistent reminder of their subscription tier and current space capacity with pathways to upgrade.

We actively chose not to show the indicator when capacity is below 80% to avoid highlighting spaces that are under their paid capacity which can fluctuate day-to-day or week-to-week.

Selecting feature placement

I explored many areas to place the capacity indicator from the toolbar to various menus and panels. I landed on nesting the feature in the Grapes menu as it's associated with space management and aligns with the level of importance for Space Admin.

option a

Participants panel

Displays the active number of users in the space.

This panel is used more for identifying teammates and connecting about work, rather than managing space users.

Adding new content to this panel may not be ideal as its busy and dynamic with participant info, statuses, and sections

option B

Toolbar indicator icon

Add a new indicator icon in the toolbar with a pop-up.

A dedicated icon and pop-up delivers the capacity info without disrupting existing features

May be excessive as space capacity isn't a metric Space Admin need to pay close attention to daily

option C

Grapes menu

Contains all space related settings and actions.

Space Admin already use this menu to access space dashboard and settings; Already includes CTA to upgrade

This menu has a simpler, fixed design making it easier to scan and has more space to add new content

Designing the visual indicator

User capacity often fluctuates throughout the work day and week. I designed the indicator to illustrate that fluctuation within space capacity limits is perfectly OK. Only when a space is over capacity do we bring more attention and urgency to upgrading the space.

At ≥ 80%, the indicator illustrates to Space Admin that they are currently well within their paid capacity with some space left.

At 100%, the indicator illustrates to Space Admin that they are currently using all of their paid capacity and should think about upgrading if they expect more users to join.

At ≥ 100%, the indicator illustrates to Space Admin that they are currently in the 10% capacity buffer and should upgrade to continue giving access to additional users.

Space capacity notifications

Types of notifications

Provide Space admins a real-time notification when their space reaches capacity, has reached maximum capacity, and when a user gets subsequently blocked from entering the space.

Space is full page

When a space is at full capacity, additional users will not be able to join the space. Users will be sent to this page that notifies them of situation and suggests them to reach out to their Space Admin.

Space Member View

Space Admin View

Providing pathways to upgrade

Upgrade from Free to Paid

Provide Space admins a clear pathway to upgrade their Free space to a Paid space when they reach the free plan limit of 25 users.

Increase paid user capacity

Provide Space admins a clear pathway to increase their paid user capacity when they reach the user limit of their current paid plan.


After launch, we saw a huge bump in RW subscriptions

Looking at 1 month of data -


increase in ARR

We saw the biggest increase in paid offices so far after the first month of launching.


increase in paid office conversions

Now that free spaces have a hard cap, spaces within the buffer are now upgrading to a paid subscription.

With the launch of the feature, we recognize this level of increase was more of a one-time bump but we expect an overall persisting lift as we are proactively bringing awareness to space capacity utilization.

Scalable design

Design pattern is reusable for other use cases such as Free Trials and other reminders for payment events and errors (e.g., card expiration).