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my little space on the internet

I'm Gaby.

product + visual designer. photographer.

Master's Student in HCI + Design at UW


→    Working on my MHCI+D graduate capstone with IDEO

→   Defining Kloa, a content platform for creators

→    Leading the design team at Omou

✕    Not taking any freelance work to focus on current projects

[ last updated 7-22-2020 ]

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my design process

for creating an end to end user experience from problem setting to final prototype

case study — HOMIO

A customizable, interactive water bottle for anxiety and panic attack recovery

case study — delightful things

Approaching sustainability and tackling consumerism by extending the lifespan of consumer objects

[ Capstone project with IDEO ]

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how I utilize technology

to craft digital + physical interactive experiences with AR, computer vision, computational photography

Behind the glass

An Augmented Reality app that facilitates inquiry-based exploration of the Burke Museum’s research labs


Multiplayer platform video game with physical game controllers


Using computational photography to capture precise and high resolution hyperlapse videos on mobile devices

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how I lead design

at start-ups, working with cross-functional teams to ship web and mobile applications

case study — OMOU

A tutoring management service for connecting communities of learners, parents, and teachers

in progress - kloa

A mobile content creation and browsing platform.

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how I support creatives

through branding, illustration, and photography

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my experimental space

from coding, electronics, visuals, to motion graphics